Store & Café

Our Café: Breakfast, Lunch & Beyond…

As part of our community-building philosophy, CC101 is a place for you to sit down with friends old and new and share a mug of coffee, a cup of tea, and a meal. Everything we serve in our café is organic, grass-fed, pasture-raised and GMO-free. We’re always working on the menu, but one thing you can count on will be Harvest Gathering Farms rotisserie chicken and our signature Broths, made with either our Vegan Healing Broth or pasture-raised chicken.  You get to choose from a variety of nutrient-rich add-ins for a delicious and unique drink!  We serve sandwiches, salads, G.F. pastries and of course our house-fermented sauerkrauts. Come in and visit the beverage bar, where we are now serving kombucha and natural sodas, as well as our Smithsonian-certified bird-friendly coffee (organic, shade-grown, single-estate and bird-friendly) and pasture-raised bone broths. Our menu varies a bit from day to day, but you’re sure to find something to nourish your body and lift your spirit!

Retail Sales of Remarkable Products


Just coming into CC101 and looking around can be an education, but we go even further! Elaina loves to teach about preparing healthy, healing foods, and she brings in other teachers to share their unique knowledge as well. We’re featuring classes which cover subjects such as: traditional, fermented, probiotic sodas; working with raw dairy to make your own raw yogurt, kefir, and cream cheese; fermenting fruits and vegetables; cooking to support the GAPS diet; and much, much more! View our upcoming classes and events.


CC101 has hosted a remarkable range of events over the years, and we don’t expect that to change. You can expect to see a variety of speakers and events every month on the CC101 calendar, including the wonderful “Food & Film Nights” where we’ve screened films such as: The Connected Universe, Fasting Documentaries, Plastic Paradise, to educate and inspire. We’re host speakers on topics of “real food” interest, such as “Share the Raw Milk Secret,” with Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures Dairy, and “Nourishing Traditional Diets,” a must-see introduction to the work of pioneering nutritional researcher Dr. Weston A. Price. We’ll be regularly featuring a presentation byCC101 founder Elaina Luther on our Smithsonian-certified, bird-friendly coffee. You’ll never look at coffee the same way again! View our upcoming classes and events.

The Fermentation Room

Come in and take a peek at our amazing fermentation room! Here is where our Sauerkrauts, Kombucha, Jun, Kvass, Water Kefir and more go through the magic process of fermentation, to bring you the health-giving properties of natural probiotics.  CC101 owner and founder Elaina Luther is a master fermenter and fermentation is what we’re all about! The fermentation room can be viewed through a large glass window in the retail store.