Scott Nelson
Scott Nelson

Scott Nelson began his career as an artist. His interests in fine painting and drawing, architecture and design, were symbiotic with a lifelong interest in ecology and natural systems. In 1997 Scott combined all the things that gave him pleasure to start his own construction design company, NaturalwallsHis contribution to the rebirth of Culture Club 101 was in covering the walls of the new store with a natural, non-toxic, sustainable clay finish. A group of CC101 members assisted with the application of the clay.

Studying abroad in the 90’s, Scott visited parts of Europe and specifically Jerusalem, where he was inspired by ancient buildings and vernacular architecture “made right from the land itself”.  “The idea of architecture growing out of the ground was incredible to me”, Scott shares. Maybe this inclination to seek out new ideas was born in his youth. Growing up near Lake Arrowhead, with a national forest as his backyard, he and his friends would roam the woods foraging for edible plants, like miner’s lettuce and wild onions. “California is one of the richest ecologies on the planet”, Scott adds, “it’s a forager’s paradise!” His studies in indigenous cultures added to his appreciation for the natural world.

As a result of his lifelong interests in natural systems, this fall Scott will be giving a special Wild Food Workshop: “Fall in the San Gabriels- Seeds, Seasonings, and Nuts” for Culture Club 101 members and the public. The workshop will start with a foraging hike in Sierra Madre, where Scott will teach you how to recognize the local edible plants, and the ones you want to avoid. Part 2 will continue at the CC101 store, where attendees will learn best practices for preservation and fermentation of these foraged foods. You can sign up for either one or both parts of the workshop.

Scott’s philosophy goes beyond just ecology. “I’m really interested in community and gathering together groups that can affect the local economy”, Scott says. “Yes, foraging is about personal survival, and that’s pretty important too. But to interact economically with each other, that’s really how we sustain ourselves and each other. By learning from the traditions of past generations, we can reweave the tapestry of community.”

~ “Fall in the San Gabriels – Seeds, Seasonings and Nuts” – Sunday, September 25th at Culture Club 101. Part 1: A Foraging Nature Hike in Bailey Canyon Park, Sierra Madre. 8:00 am -11:00 am (For experienced hikers!) Part 2: A food preparation workshop at the new CC101 in Pasadena. 12 noon – 3:00 pm. $30 or $40 for both sessions. Children welcome and free with parent.

To register for workshop please call us at (626) 893-5164. Details will be emailed to you.