Probiotics Powerhouse Elaina Luther Will Make You a Fermentation Fanatic
CHELSEE LOWE | MAY 3, 2017 |

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Pasadena “Real Food” Advocates Take on the Industrial Food Supply Chain



Pasadena Event Rocks Real Food
Culture Club 101 sponsors
Real Food Symposium



   The “Real” Food Symposium is not only about being nourished by real foods, it’s about tradition and sustainability. It’s about health for us AND for the animals, and ultimately, health for the environment. There will be Special Guest Speakers with extraordinary insight, first hand experience and real science to back it all up. You will have the opportunity to experience, with your hands, how to make delicious cultured vegetables with ease, and how Vermi-composting is not only fun but satisfying too!















Just a few of the personal comments we’ve gotten over the years:


My acupuncturist told me about Culture Club 101, as I was trying to find sauerkraut to help with digestive issues. I have found so much more than one cultured vegetable. There is a generosity of spirit at Culture Club, a true desire to share information and experience, and a joy in helping some heal and others create. An excellent selection of food products, educational materials, and (of course) a generous staff. Elaina’s kombucha is balanced and delicious (the best I’ve ever tasted) and yes I’ve found a great kraut (German style) to enjoy with the natural all-beef hot dogs available in the freezer section. After years of overeating and eating mostly processed foods, I can confidently say I am on the mend. So glad that I found this little jewel in Pasadena. – Erin


I love taking classes at Culture Club 101. The classes are fun and informative. I am learning something new at each class. Taking these classes has been a blessing for me and my family. I am learning to prepare nutrient-dense foods that will nourish my family. I encourage all moms out there to take classes at Culture Club. Thank you, Elaina! – Ester


Holy Cow, the soda class night was epic! I can’t wait to upload a picture of my first batch of blueberry and then root beer. Or wait, should I first go for apple and cinnamon…or maybe ginger lime? So many ideas you taught us, so little time… I can’t remember the last time I had a soda float like the one you served us. Thanks again Culture Club! – Bill


I found out about Culture Club 101 from Dr. Rosann Volmert. I live in Pasadena and started the GAPS diet. The GAPS diet is big into fermented foods such as sauerkraut, and kefir and learning how to make them is quite different than anything I have ever done. So when I found that right in my neighborhood was this great little golden nugget tucked away I had to see what it was all about. This place is adorable and they offer pasture-raised chicken eggs, and raw milk and cream. Plus they have their own homemade fermented veggies and kefir, and other fermented treats I’d never seen before. This place is spick and span and they offer classes and lectures. I’ll be buying the pastured eggs, the raw milk and cream and maybe the butter. Plus I’m going to buy some kefir grains so I can make my own kefir. Yes, I’m so excited!!! – A.L.


I attended the Altadena Farmer’s Market on Sunday and Elaina was offering tastings of her kombucha varieties. I bought a half gallon glass jar of the best kombucha I’ve ever had. My favorite is the plain, Amish style. I used to make it to perfection four years ago, but my travels keep me from making my own. I had been buying from prestigious organic markets, but theirs are not as good. Elaina’s is excellent! – Tomas