Suzanne Rosen and Harry Nickelson of Moonlight Bakers

In 1991, Ötzi the Iceman was discovered, a man famously frozen for thousands of years in the snowy peaks of the Italian Alps. A few kernels of an ancient wheat called Einkorn were found in the gut of this pre-historic man. Einkorn is man’s first wheat, grown by farmers 5,000 years ago. This extraordinary discovery led to the propagation of this pure ancient grain and its commercial availability as an alternative to modern genetically-modified wheat.

Suzanne Rosen and Harry Nickelson are a couple both in life and in business, and they share a love for bread and baking. In their pursuit of the perfect loaf of bread, cottage bakers Suzy and Harry have truly perfected sourdough Einkorn bread. And according to many baking professionals, this was no easy task. Now licensed as a cottage business and known as “Moonlight Bakers”™, we are happy to announce that Suzy and Harry’s nutritious sourdough ancient heirloom Einkorn breads and baked goods will be sold exclusively at the new Culture Club 101.

Suzy and Harry read the book Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis, which makes the case for why hybridized wheat has led to epidemic levels of obesity, arthritis, diabetes and other modern autoimmune conditions. Back in the 50’s and 60’s, wheat began to be scientifically-modified in this country in order to produce greater yields. But this hybridization altered the chemical structure of the wheat to the detriment of human health. In his book, Dr. Davis argues that a wheat-free, grain-free diet is better for us. Read it for yourself: Wheat Belly is available in both hardback and paperback at Culture Club 101.

When they met Elaina Luther, Suzy and Harry had just started experimenting with sourdough and Einkorn flour. Elaina introduced them to sprouted and whole wheat Einkorn and helped them develop their perfectly delicious and highly nutritious bread. Although it’s not gluten-free, Einkorn has the lowest level of gluten of all the bread flours. Many people with gluten-intolerance are reporting they can digest Einkorn bread without reaction, primarily due to its nutritional characteristics and the benefits of fermented sourdough. This is good news for bread lovers and anyone who wants to avoid the perils of modern wheat!

~ Moonlight Bakers™ sourdough Einkorn breads and baked goods will be available exclusively at Culture Club 101.