Ever feel like you just can’t meditate? Every time you do – the thoughts just keep coming, you get distracted, and it’s anything but peaceful? What if this was how meditation was supposed to go? Hint – it is! And there are some incredible tools and exercises that can support you in harnessing the power that lives in your acute awareness of all that is going on within the mind. Join Sarah on February 4th for a meditative experience using controlled breath, posture, and sound to slip into the spaces between your thoughts, and learn to deepen and command your meditation practice.
Open to all levels of experience – none necessary, and advance practitioners will surely have a lovely experience as well.
General Tuition: $10
To Register:  click here, come into the store or call (626) 893-5164 
CC101 Members: FREE
To register, please stop by store or call: (626)893-5164.

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