At Culture Club 101, there is always a big pot of bone broth on the stove! One evening, Elaina strained the broth into another pot and let it sit in the kitchen as it cooled. Later we noticed an unusually beautiful pattern had formed on the surface! A little research by CC101 member and resident scientist Paul Kaskiewicz revealed that this was the effect as the chicken fat cooled in the pot. “The linking up of segments and the formation of the particular distinctive pattern formed by the broken segments is a complex process affected by several factors including, the size of the pan, the level of the broth, the relative densities of the fat and water, the starting temperature, the ambient temperature, the resultant rate of cooling, the viscosity of the broth, the physical ‘strength’ of the solidified fat, etc.”  As the fats cooled, they bonded together in this very interesting pattern. Real food is beautiful!