In 2009, Elaina Luther created Culture Club 101 out of a commitment to bringing the food traditions of the past back into our awareness. Inspired by the book Nourishing Traditions, by Weston A. Price Foundation founder Sally Fallon, she saw a need and desire for these almost forgotten foods and preparations.


CC101 operated as a private members-only culinary club for almost six years with hundreds of dedicated and thankful members, garnering much praise. for its educational activities—classes, events, library, and deep in-person discussions—as well as its products. In the summer of 2014, due to a business zoning issue, CC101 was forced to close its doors.


Since that time Elaina—turning a problem into an opportunity—has been working tirelessly to reimagine and recreate CC101 as something even bigger and better. She envisioned a business that would not only help people find and learn about healing, nutrient-dense foods but would help them connect with each other. She wanted to build a community.


Membership in the new store is optional and not required to shop here, but we would love for you to join us!